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  1. Hi guys, using Mac OS and running into issues with Looking Glass where it only shows a Black Screen. I have tried JDK 102 & 171 and am running into issues. I am using the latest Tribot Client. Any ideas how to fix?
  2. I am using OSBuddy v3.25. I am using the latest Mac Tribot version as well. I didn't see a specific versioning for the .Jar Tribot File. Edit: My OSBuddy download was a .dmg file and becomes a .app file once I download the .dmg.
  3. Hi my Looking Glass is showing just a black screen, I saw others posting the same but did not see a reply. I am using Osbuddy & a Mac. Could use some help!
  4. i been dying a bit too much last few days. anyone else? im maxed stats, always use the same supplies. like im seing 1 death an hour. i usually never have any.
  5. ya banking is done for, we arent allowed to bank while botting anymore
  6. ya i think script needs updating, sits at all banks trying to 'open bank' status. i deleted hooks.dat and reloaded nothing, then deleted tri bot and retried, same thing. just stands trying to open bank.
  7. It's been hours but it feels like weeks... Missing tribot so much rn...
  8. its just idleing... waiting for gui settings, i followed the guide... and started at cw not sure what sup with it
  9. Using the Trial and Script is not drinking Prayer Pot (4)s. Using LG client as well, unsure if that's what's causing it to bug. Edit: It's not withdrawing the Barrows Teleport as well. If you have 1 Teleport in inventory, it will complete the Trip, but not use Prayer Pots. When you enter the Clan Wars Portal without the Barrows Teleport after it banks, it will teleport to Duel Arena and run towards Varrock. I ended the Script before it got past the Desert Mine with Scorpions North West of the Duel Arena.
  10. Not sure if this is the right thread, but is it possible to add a Payment Option to run 3 accounts 1 month? Currently I am using the 1 account subscription, and do not find 5 accounts being viable. However, if you can give the option to run 2-3 accounts, I would be purchasing either or, preferably the 3 accounts.
  11. Getting this Error in the Client Debug after my kills and is stopping my Script. Any Advice? [19:29:17] Zulrah's scales -> 202gp * 275 = 55550gp [19:29:50] java.lang.NullPointerException: Item actions are null for item (ID): 3144 [19:29:50] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.ZM(ri:1333) [19:29:50] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.withdrawItem(ri:1210) [19:29:50] at org.tribot.api2007.Banking.withdraw(ri:1254) [19:29:50] at scripts.api.bc.k(GeneralUtils.java:1222) [19:29:50] at scripts.zulrahslayer.c.w.k(DoBanking.java:398) [19:29:50] at scripts.zulrahslayer.c.w.k(DoBanking.java:345) [19:29:50] at scripts.zulrahslayer.c.w.k(DoBanking.java:242) [19:29:50] at scripts.api.framework.script.impl.NodeScript.k(NodeScript.java:85) [19:29:50] at scripts.api.framework.script.core.BasicScript.run(BasicScript.java:175) [19:29:50] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [19:29:50] Thank you for using Zulrah Slayer v2.267 by Worthy
  12. bot is getting stuck on 'click yes' or 'pressing yes'... happes after every 2-5 inventories. please fix
  13. script does right click drop for kebbits, can you do shift + drop? It is more realistic now adays. ALSO it'll be more xp/hr
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