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  1. What happened to it ends tonight?
  2. Botters AIO Information

    Pretty well put, except your talking from your ass on anti macro system. Because there is 1, Jmod confirmed. But, its used on Gold farmers, not normal players
  3. You plan for this script to be free? gf nature prices.
  4. The last of us

    Botting? is there botting?
  5. [Flawless] Hamood Flesh Crawlers [100k-150k/h]

    so this works or no?
  6. A lot of anti ban, if you want this script to be successful it needs some kind of anti ban
  7. This needs death walk. Or when it gets tele'd by a random. This happens often. You cannot run this script for more than 3 hours without this.
  8. Can you add death walk? And lets say someone random teleports you, can you make it walk back to alkharid and get the 10gp toll from bank?
  9. Works with updated link, although it could be a little more flawless nice to see it working Tri to add anti ban too it
  10. Start script @ bank wont work. Start script with gold bars in inventory goes to furnance, doesnt do anything. Tried it again with gold bars it clicks right and left moving around and around.
  11. Pm'd him what happened Not that stupid bro
  12. Realizing im flaming, sorry. My fault Sorry about that. Script doesnt work in alkharid pm'd u rest