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  1. What happened to it ends tonight?
  2. Pretty well put, except your talking from your ass on anti macro system. Because there is 1, Jmod confirmed. But, its used on Gold farmers, not normal players
  3. You plan for this script to be free? gf nature prices.
  4. drop, jagex gives em free.
  5. acc is worth like $150. nice.
  6. then u can!
  7. i dont think ur allowed to do this
  8. Will We have bots for rs 3?
  9. ADMIN OR MOD LOOOOL. like they know themselves whats going on. -personal opinion no hate. They dont do anything around forums. There bot is dying, i understand many are going through problems, but smoking weed and kickin it with the money isnt the way to go. Other bots ARE better, except the scripts are here. Thats the only problem
  10. need answer
  11. Is it the VPS causing it to have to many incorrect logins? Or is tribot messing up the login. Im 99% sure tribot is messing up the login system and entering the wrong info, with VPS lag.
  12. Any money making script you have, its private were interested to buy out your script. We offer top prices. Please contact my skype: Casinoroyale300 Thanks
  13. Mercher with BUY AND SELL. Not or,, and Mercher that can handle more than 2. Will pay Or u make premium many want
  14. Thanks Post Count whore
  15. He is using Windows Azure Vps. Free trial. Search google.