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  1. Hey man awesome script, very nice! Works great for me 500k/hr , 2k kills already only had it a few days Just one issue that you may have noticed, it only just started happening to me since update but it seems to "Use" the house tele in bank, and by "Use" i mean the "Use" option, not breaking the tab... and it gets stuck i think. Other than that great script would recommend
  2. Thanks flufee ill try that !! Will you be online if I need more support
  3. I'm quite an experienced botter but I cannot seem to get the Lookingglass to work with OSbuddy It works with normal client Ive re-downloaded osbuddy, Java and Java JDK Nothing seems to work and was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem Here is a pic of my log https://gyazo.com/8d4f0d5709b78b0828546bc33c4f71f7 Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer a solution!
  4. Sorted it now thanks for your response fuffiee I actually turned my computer off(Doesn't happen often) and restarted, opened tribot and it worked! Cheers a million
  5. My breakhandler was working fine last week, this week however it doesn't want to do breaks. I have it all set correctly and have tried making new breaks and deleting old ones nothing seems to work :/ Can anyone else test or confirm they have the same problem ?
  6. Johann.dandan / Altitude just scammed me for 75m ! Please be careful guys this was my whole years work lost in seconds, His rsn is KING POP Is there anything I can do about this I thought this guy was a trusted community member.
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