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  1. Thanks flufee ill try that !! Will you be online if I need more support
  2. I'm quite an experienced botter but I cannot seem to get the Lookingglass to work with OSbuddy It works with normal client Ive re-downloaded osbuddy, Java and Java JDK Nothing seems to work and was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem Here is a pic of my log https://gyazo.com/8d4f0d5709b78b0828546bc33c4f71f7 Thanks in advance to anyone that can offer a solution!
  3. "If you're the owner of this website: Contact your hosting provider letting them know your web server is not completing requests. An Error 522 means that the request was able to connect to your web server, but that the request didn't finish. The most likely cause is that something on your server is hogging resources. Additional troubleshoo2ting information here." Looks like the site server has been disconnected Such a shame, hope it gets back up and running this site was awesome for me, credits and gold sales 24/7. I really wish my best to you and your project we all want it back online!!!!! much love
  4. Sorted it now thanks for your response fuffiee I actually turned my computer off(Doesn't happen often) and restarted, opened tribot and it worked! Cheers a million
  5. My breakhandler was working fine last week, this week however it doesn't want to do breaks. I have it all set correctly and have tried making new breaks and deleting old ones nothing seems to work :/ Can anyone else test or confirm they have the same problem ?