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  1. It isnt? Press the "Here is the code" button. lol.
  2. Just fixed
  3. Will Update with better version when can grab off laptop.
  4. This task is impossible and I laughed irl
  5. tribot doesnt support rs3 atm
  6. Bro, word of warning. You CAN and WILL get banned. Risking a 99 account is something you might want to reconsider
  7. ur correct
  8. Virtualbuddy
  9. You should be able to run a solid farm, but make sure u get socks proxies so u dont get ur ip chain banned. Just have 1 client with a bunch of tabs
  10. Try to turn off roofs
  11. RSNPC[] npcs; npcs = NPCs.findNearest(putGeNpcIdHere); DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(npcs[0], "Enter option you want to do to the ge teller here");
  12. lol.
  13. Real talk ill post my tut island script here as soon as the weekend comes, I want to clean it up myself before I send it, and then shoot you it and see what else can be fixed; then I'll make it open source so others can use it with their progressive scripts.
  14. You just want my GE mercher