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  1. I want to buy this script, but I'm kinda skeptical... how are recent user results? thanks
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll keep you updated on my cwars ticket progess! Cheers
  3. testing this out on my account right now.. What does "sleep before certain actions" mean?
  4. Great script... Alching must have the lowest ban rate tbh. I've leveled 4 accounts past 80+ magic using different magic training methods, only 1 ban was issued to 1/4 of the accounts due to stun+alching.. in short, I firmly believe botting stun+alch with any magic script out there holds higher risk than botting less straining activity spells, such as high alch.. Edit: 4got to mention i've implemented my own break handler from intervals of 1-2 hours & 10-20min randomness.. happy botting
  5. rofl... I got 40-85 ranged on this script in a couple of days.. I basically suicide botted it.. Amazing script btw, only a few errors with world hopping and running out of gp, but if you can make sure that doesnt happen then u b guuci
  6. how are the recent results of this script? looking to get halo + top
  7. Anyone having good results with this script? I'm tempted to try it out... I need 40 -> 80 Ranged trained
  8. Just bought this script... testing 55 -> 81 magic. I'm going to suicide bot it & see if it gets banned or not. The account I'm using is aged pretty well, & has around 70 quest points.. will update progress and post screenshots soon~ Hope this script works out well
  9. I had a "lifetime" subscription on aAgility... now its suddenly gone?? Could you please sort this out? thank you
  10. Very satisfied with this script so far! Trained 1-80 fishing in a few days. I'm kind of scared to get banned now lol... What are some good break times you would recommend me? I'm trying for 99 fishing
  11. How many credits are you buying: 3Have you added me on skype?: yesAre you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
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