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  1. Still not sold. Ideally we have to come to an agreement because no way am I getting F**ked over for my christmas present lol.
  2. We agreed on 60 in your message but yeah give or take 5m he's correct. However skype will not download/connect. This happens
  3. Hit up my PM with some offers then please bro. Didn't expect so many large offers, nice like.
  4. Replied my man, let me know! Offer still open guys just post here! If someone was to throw in some epic scripts and/or VIP it'd be so much sweeter but not necessary. I've currently had 2 offers one for 60m OSRS GP and I am awaiting a reply from Germs.
  5. Unwanted Christmas present and since getting parole I have to stay quiet for a year. rs is the perfect game for that on a lame laptop. I was really looking forward to the LARGE amount of free scripts there once was for osrs but it seems like now there are basically none. So I am looking for straight up gold, or some vip scripts/premium. If that can some how be arranged. Obviously i'm new so I'll have to go first, so do not post without vouches please.
  6. Super interested in this bot. I am under 55 magic and 77 hp. 80 ranged. 45 def. could I do this? I am very keen. Any tips for me? Like how much of each type item should i stock up on, wizard robe x 10 sets etc. please let me know.