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  1. Anyone got any idea on gp/ph estimates on this now? Ban rates? Forgive me if this isn't the place to ask.
  2. Better luck next time champ.
  3. THS

    First goal: 350M/month

    Be interested in seeing how you go mate!
  4. Virmach still running ok? Looking at getting back into it all. Sounds like people are having problems, then again people wouldn't post if it was fine.
  5. Might be obvious, but is this $9.99 per auth per account? Or is it unlimited instances during that 2 weeks. Thanks in advance!
  6. So you'd make ~4.2m in profit (at current prices) before the accounts go over that level cap. Bond cost + training time/cost. Yeah not worth it. Ain't any advantage for you to release it without that cap but shit, I respect that.
  7. THS

    WTB Bonds with Paypal

    Merely the idea. Could just use paypal to buy bonds for himself from jagex lol. Only reason not to would be an attempt for refunds.
  8. Had a staff on anyway, but I just gave both a restart and it worked fine. Just an odd occurrence. Shot g.
  9. @JoeDezzy1 Soon as I hit start, it believes it's just died and does nothing. Starting in bank and at trapdoor with supplies on me and without. Just tested it on another account, same shit. Hope you can get this fixed asap.
  10. THS

    Suicide Botting

    Dunno how many times people can say that noone gonna tell you shit fam.
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