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  1. I literally hit "Run", script started, got to the boat, out of script time. Was extremely depressing.
  2. As soon as the bot is back up i run out of Script time. GG.
  3. Hooks are broke, waiting on an update.
  4. They already did that, it's called Call of Duty 4.
  5. Myst1c

    Longest Bot?

    LOLOL that was my nickname in jr high.
  6. Need to buy a VIP-E voucher or 8 credits, either way works.
  7. Sometimes when it changes from yellow east/west to blue south the bot stands there for about 4 seconds.no movement, no prayer switch, no eating, no combat. Just standing. * Yes I have deleted the hooks. Yes I have checked the ping with the tool from Reddit. Yes I have duplicated this on a secondary PC. I only die about once an hour because of this, but I can see how this would effect others who are not as geared extremely negatively.
  8. If you have a karils bow (100) equipped and it degrades to 75 the bot will not detect it. it works fine with all other degrade's of the cross bow, just not that one in particular.
  9. 200m lol, maybe here. I got it done for 80 at Sythe.
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