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  1. 200m lol, maybe here. I got it done for 80 at Sythe.
  2. Weekly update screwed with the client is my guess, should be fixed within 24 hours by the usual estimate.
  3. You're not alone. The same issue arose for me following the weekly.
  4. Wish the script wouldn't jump on other peoples experiments. That's the fastest way to get a player report.
  5. He means as a shutoff.
  6. Ask anybody that still AFK trains, simple mouse macros (Like scrolling up and down on the quest list) do not get accounts banned. That's how you can afk 1-99 defense at monks without a ban on a defense pure. I misunderstood your response, I agree the AFK2logout does seem like it should be utilized.
  7. Add a bunch of random people at the G.E., Set up a screen capture, and record a nights worth of people logging in and out. Humans logout far more than people tend to believe.
  8. If it is flagged for spamming by spamcop, you will be banned nearly instantly on RS attempting to bot. I get what you are saying, I'm saying do a little experimenting, it will show you a lot you don't know about Fagex's ban system.
  9. You're not catching on to what I'm saying friend. Those connections are linked to proxy services once they are flagged to spamming activity. Jagex understands most of us here will be using proxies, Here's a little experiment for you, get on a public VPN check the IP to make sure it has been flagged for spamming, and try to bot on that connection with an aged freshie. I've already experimented with it, I want you to grasp what I'm trying to say.