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  1. Great script, have been using it extensively and is almost perfect. Only issues I'm having is sometimes on the bridge before it takes the boat to Zulrah it will randomly, but rarely start activating random prayers, mostly Retribution and protect from melee. Not a huge deal but its super suspicious looking. edit: For a little more detail just saw it happen again and it was clicking exactly where my blowpipe was in my inventory, with the prayer menu open, which triggered Retribution. After a few seconds it then switched to my inventory and moved the blowpipe up next to my gear. Also, often I wake up to the bot being stuck right at the Clan wars tele spot. When I read the debug it doesn't give me any info just says it logged me out after X mins without exp. Maybe add a failsafe if it stands in that spot for too long, so it can find its way back to the chest? Eitherway, great bot, definitely worth the money.

    JJ's Herblore [Mix, Clean, Grind]

    cool script man thanks for keeping it up to date
  3. This is a great script that got me many fish levels and money, and very very good support from the creator. I have permission from the script creator to resell my authorization code. PM me with offer/trade p.s. Clinton let me know if it's not ok to post it in this thread
  4. No my bot kept running back and forth near the bank and got stuck near the bank when I had only like 30 pts
  5. this also happened to me after a world hop was announced
  6. previous bans? or are they handing out perms first now
  7. I don't believe they should be disabled. But before you make the decision please put it to an on-site poll
  8. I honestly think the botbusting bans for 2 days are the worst because your next ban is permanent.
  9. I like how you measure your time in Sopranos episodes. Good man
  10. [06:53:04] java.lang.NullPointerException [06:53:04] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.k(u:2971) [06:53:04] at scripts.UsaAbyssRunecrafter.run(u:1498) [06:53:04] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [06:53:04] Script Ended: USA Abyss Runecrafter.
  11. why are you posting that in this thread? I just had pizza btw
  12. Looking forward to the update tonight.