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  1. alright now when banking it just keeps taking blowpipe off and putting it back on, that's all. Needs fix ASAP or bot will definitely be detected.
  2. Script runs flawless minus one issue. When I first start the script (I'm using blowpipe) it keeps taking the BP off and on trying to put scales and darts into it. Not sure what that's about.
  3. also, gets stuck in front of monsters blocking portal then you just stand there. Not sure how anyone runs this without getting insta-banned.
  4. script is super buggy. When defending the knight it randomly chases after monsters that are hitting the knight from the fence line. Randomly uses DBA spec. Runs super bot-like.
  5. I don't really understand the potion section. Can you explain?
  6. ponymermaid77

    PLEASE READ - Mac support

    a lot of scripts call to disable the tribot firewall. On Macs, the drop down menu isn't reachable (because it doesn't allow you to scroll down to see it). Can this be fixed please?