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  1. as far as interaction I think it's still sort of the same? I obviously don't fit into the same category as you because I don't make scripts - just use them
  2. Hey there, a lot of the scripts I still use are updated regularly and seem to have a good following still. Been betting off and on for around 4 years.
  3. Used this script HEAVILY on a 1500+ total account from 70-97 FM. Script runs very well but I've noticed a few things that could use tweaked. Other than being picky, this script is one of the best I've ever used in my 4+ years! - when the brazier breaks or needs lit the script is slow to react on the occasion. - when you're close to 500 points and you cut the roots it will cut more than it needs and some times you miss the 500 point mark from over cutting. - some times fails to re-light brazier which is an easy 25 points.
  4. Sure thing! I’ll be home in around 2 hours, I’ll add your discord
  5. mine won't do anything. I start the script, character calls butler for mahogany planks and then stands there.
  6. this script functions so slow and is averaging 150k an hour from mahog tables. EDIT: Okay so this was a user error and I retract my statement. Make sure you do not have any planks in your inventory (or only 24) when you start mahogany tables. Averaging around 310k / hour but the clicks are very human like I love it. went from 52-85 construction in a day. Thank you!
  7. alright now when banking it just keeps taking blowpipe off and putting it back on, that's all. Needs fix ASAP or bot will definitely be detected.
  8. Script runs flawless minus one issue. When I first start the script (I'm using blowpipe) it keeps taking the BP off and on trying to put scales and darts into it. Not sure what that's about.
  9. also, gets stuck in front of monsters blocking portal then you just stand there. Not sure how anyone runs this without getting insta-banned.
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