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  1. Thanks for all of the help everyone. I will try all of the different things and hopefully it works. iWnB, on 01 Dec 2014 - 03:12 AM, said: This worked. Thanks a bunch. For anyone else with this problem, you cannot minimize the clients before starting a script or else the scripts will not show up. sanderty, on 01 Dec 2014 - 12:51 AM, said: Not once.
  2. If I made 20k+ from botting in a year I would gladly pay any taxes
  3. Hello, I recently bought some proxies and plan to start a small farm. I put in all the info for the proxies in the client and was able to log in and use the proxy. My problem is that when I open up a second client and try to use a different proxy on it the scripts do not show up when the client loads up. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks for any and all help. **Mods please move this thread to the right section of the forum if I am posting in the wrong place.**
  4. Talking on Skype right now. Looking to exchange 8m 07 for EOC. Exchanged 8M 07 GP for EOC. Thanks.
  5. Vouch for Divica. Bought 46.5M EOC. Fast transaction and great communication. Will do business again.
  6. Used the script today for the first time. Ran it for 10+ hours and it was flawless. Made about 1.3M on 1 account and averaged 42k xp/hr @ Master Farmer with 81 thieving on a low lvl account. It ran away from combat as promised. Overall awesome script, I just have to make more accounts for thieving to take full advantage of it.
  7. I used a free script on men from 1-5, then tea stall @ varrock. It will be fast to go from 1-5, and then the tea stall is about 9.1k xp per hour but you don't need food. I haven't used this script yet, but I plan to buy it very soon.
  8. Yeah I know. The accounts are trained for abyss, but the script that I am using does not retrieve pouches when PK'd. I will get your script when the one that I am currently using is done for the month. I just settled for the general store method because I was tired of manually getting the pouches. Thanks for the response.
  9. Does this script ever accidentally attack the guard in Draynor? I'm using a free script and every now and then the bot gets attacked by the guard and just continues to try to thieve and gets killed. Does it run away from combat if it gets attacked? Thank you.
  10. @erickho123 About how many runes p/h would I be able to get doing natures via general store method unsafe route? I have 51 and 60 agility on two of my accounts and I am getting about 430 runes p/h with another script and taking a 5 min brake every hour. I'm very interested in this script as I've heard its the fastest and most efficient. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for a great script. Will post a nice proggie when I get one.
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