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  1. im just trying to help , i think some of my family are doing some walk , so i might add that to the page , but i need to check if they 100% doing it
  2. Hi there guys , ive created a just giving page to raise some money for cancer research uk. The reason for this is that a friend of our family has breast cancer , and i want to help and try and raise some money for her It would mean the world to me if you even donated a small amount towards this cause The page can be found here : https://www.justgiving.com/GoldShops All money donated goes directly towards the charity Any donation is much appreciated and one day we can beat cancer ღ ღ
  3. Well done, very funny , steal the overlay i made you , it wasnt watermarked properly anyway :/
  4. If you want to buy gfx , chat with me on stream and ill be able to make your gfx live on stream
  5. Yea , i was watching her spin her wheel , haha , im only streaming to make random twitch overlays to build up my portfolio , since ive lost all my files from my old laptop
  6. Ok , thanks for the advice , ill make sure i start using that soon
  7. Yes , but i admit that design was very bad , so i didnt try to sell hm it , but if he wants a proper one , then tell him to contact me on skype @ kingsdesigns
  8. Making random twitch overlays on twitch @ http://www.twitch.tv/theprogamingduck
  9. Bump , online , taking orders
  10. @Ratio Please contact me on skype to see the finished products , my skype is : kingsgraphics open , add my skype for questions
  11. good stream
  12. i think @YoHoJo , sells credits
  13. Try opening as administator , if not , then re download tribot
  14. P2p all day long , its worth it
  15. @YoHoJo