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  1. can be ur internet disconected or the game dced. its normal
  2. Have to say I purchased this script when it was first released and use your tzhaar script to! This works perfectly at sand crabs and having no issues. Going to try Druids and dragons later
  3. Just want to say thanks! This is really good to get the 7qp needed for trading and its flawless. I normally do them all except nights sword and takes about 30-40 mins to run through the 3 quests with no human interaction. Great script, keep up the good work and i look forward to future development.
  4. Gave the trial a go and it worked as described. Bought the script after the trial but i have had to babysit it due to a few errors. If these were fixed the bot would be perfect but other than that its a great script that does as its supposed too. At Varrok east the bot often says "it appears we are not in a bank" then runs to another bank booth. However when t gets to the bottom it glitches up and just stands still doing nothing. Sometimes the bot will bank but not deposit bows. Sometimes the bot doesn't recognise the logs are in inventory and does nothing. The only other thing is i bought the exact logs needed for the progression but the script will not withdraw the remaining logs to level up unless there is 27 in the bank. Great script though
  5. is it possible to add mouse speed that user can specify? like on the gui there will be a slider? Just because most scripts are about 100 max mouse speed in premium so looks more human? Other than that great script bro the only proper working smithing script that is reliable just now
  6. Its missing crossbow bolts? I can't find them on the list?
  7. Just want to say great script bro, got me to 85 mining fast with no ban !
  8. The only thing ive noticed is that the mouse speed is way to fast and very unhuman like, so if it was slowed down it would be quite a good script
  9. With the lesser demons the bot will not teleport to falador but will just sit still. I had to stop the script move it to falador and manually bank because it messes up by not banking and walking in wrong direction. The other thing ive noticed is with Chaeldar it will sometimes run to the south east cornor and just stand there.
  10. Im not sure, it did move to safespot yeah, it fixed its self when i added the account to the account manager, it logged out logged in and worked fine but had to do it itself.
  11. Thanks, that actually fixed my problem funnily enough !
  12. bot was running smooth however it got to adamant defender and now it only seems to kill 1 Cyclops before it runs to log out. Not able to use it, get no error the script just stops
  13. Hey, basically I had a script running and accidently sat typing on the keyboard in the wrong window which caused my client to freeze. Due to this I had to close it off and it I now saying im still using "WarriorGuildDefender" even when im not. I have been into the bot panel and tried to end it because there is no warrior script running. How do I fix this? EDIT: never mind was able to finally get it stopped on the bot panel.
  14. Just wanted to say great script bro, got me up to 60 mining just now and still going strong, rarely ever missclicks, exp a hour is great and not having to configure all these settings is a bit of a boost too, thanks