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  1. I recently purchased this script. for the wyvern camping option. i found some bugs inside the script because it wasn't working properly i added mute on skype and told him him what was going on after reading my message he removed me from skype and i never heard from him again. bad customer support. not very friendly either i suggest not too purchase this script if you are planning too camp wyverns. i wouldn't purchase any script from a scripter who removes his customers when reporting a bug so mute if you read this and re consider working on what i told you was wrong with the script you can feel free too re add me on skype: dutchdennis99 after that im sure we can remove this post
  2. this script has not been updated since oct 14 and has 3 user count. please read what you buy you just wasted your money
  3. abc2 antiban

    people who keep posting about this script beeing bot like and complaining about getting banned please quit botting, every script is bot like because guess what its a bot. abc2 and abcl10 is also a joke its not preventing you from getting banned its delaying it bans occure randomly. mains will be banned randomly fresh accounts also randomly. but yes its true that main accounts do tend too last longer. also if you do not want too get banned don't bot between 9 am and 5 pm UK time getting some of my main accounts too 85 hunter and purchasing this script remember it working very well for me in the passed
  4. i purchased this script too camp wyverns and it ended up spam clicking on top of the stairs where you can kill wyverns with a task only. it should be camping 1 spawn since every world is full. when someone else attacks the wyvern it runs around like a mad man inside the cave attempting too attack wyverns that are already in combat. please add me on skype: Dutchdennis99
  5. so i started the script and selected full void purchase. i leave it overnight and i wake up and it has 4 void robe bottems. wtf Tri -.- https://gyazo.com/c8f6483c1ff75a600b34f27bbb7821cf thats the type of shit that gets you banned
  6. means your missing items in bank, somtimes it has the item and fails to read it tho read the Log below your client it should tell you whatsupp
  7. Hi fellow goldfarmers im looking for a contact that owns a Mining goldfarm and is looking for someone too sell in bulk. Contact me on skype: Dutchdennis99 bulks 10K>200K