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  1. Would be 10x harder to buy/sell items in other worlds
  2. Jagex are raping us hard
  3. I have a few suggestions. If you fail a random and get teleported to a random location, make it logout and stop the script. Almost got killed with 10m+ cus of a failed random. Would be much more human-like if it would click on the trade request instead of right-clicking a bunch of people and find the right one within 0.5 secs. And you should also make the delay a bit longer when putting up your offer because it seems kinda weird if someone offers 2k nats or something and you calculate that and put up your offer within a sec. Just my 2 cents.
  4. This was the only script I've used on that account for 4 days so I'm 99.9% sure I didn't get banned for something else. But that's what happens, Ain't so hard for Jagex to see if you're a bot or not even though the script you're using is flawless & seems human. Same thing with other scripts.
  5. that's what i did. will try restarting the client. Anyways, there's still a bug when it tries to get back to the starting position which makes it run around all over the place. EDIT: works after i restarted the client
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