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Everything posted by Jamal

  1. He probably had the laptop for botting and just saw the oppurtunity
  2. Once you get all the accounts are you going to use a script to kill corp or just do it by hand?
  3. How fast do you want it done
  4. Is this still being supported and kept up-to date?
  5. Hey, is ABC2 being implemented anytime soon? Also any idea when bot change attack styles after x amount of time or x amount of levels
  6. Amazing script. @Tri My signature seems to be broken it shows some kind of error https://gyazo.com/0830c4b42fb6de09ff12b6955df49f43 Also can't wait for the feature where the bot will be able to change attack styles after x levels or x amount of time
  7. Hey, is there anyway you can have the bot change attack styles after x amount of time or x amount of levels? This would be a great addition.
  8. Ive pmed you gifs of what happens when the bug occurs regarding the jad phase
  9. Doesn't switch prayers on jad phase when its on the west side, I've seen it die because of this 5+ times already Edit: It doesn't happen 100% of the time, perhaps only on one of the patterns
  10. can you add support for ahrims hood. After it degrades to 75 the bot stops and says its missing the hood
  11. Can you make it use prayer pots when its at like 10 points remaining because right now for me its drinking them at 40ish, and its making me waste a lot more than I should
  12. What happens if you get the pet? Will the bot bank it? If it doesn't currently it would be a sweet update instead of eventually losing the pet when the bot dies.
  13. same problem one client ran for 11 hours before this happened another only lasted 1 hour
  14. Recently my clients have been freezing, its only the game screen that freezes. When it freezes it turns the whole screen white. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  15. how do you use this 'looking glass' feature?
  16. dam dude nice, right now i average 250k/hr but its steadily increasing as days go on, i assume customers are remembering me
  17. I've noticed my account picking up bones, meat and cowhide by accident. Is there anyway you could add a feature to drop junk items?