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  1. He probably had the laptop for botting and just saw the oppurtunity
  2. Once you get all the accounts are you going to use a script to kill corp or just do it by hand?
  3. How fast do you want it done
  4. Is this still being supported and kept up-to date?
  5. Hey, is ABC2 being implemented anytime soon? Also any idea when bot change attack styles after x amount of time or x amount of levels
  6. Amazing script. @Tri My signature seems to be broken it shows some kind of error https://gyazo.com/0830c4b42fb6de09ff12b6955df49f43 Also can't wait for the feature where the bot will be able to change attack styles after x levels or x amount of time
  7. Hey, is there anyway you can have the bot change attack styles after x amount of time or x amount of levels? This would be a great addition.
  8. Ive pmed you gifs of what happens when the bug occurs regarding the jad phase