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  1. Hey I'm trying to use looking glass but every time I load it it either loads up with a black screen or crashes on the rs login screen. I've tried with runelite osbuddy and normal rs client. I'm using 64bit as thats what the script I'm trying to use says to do. Thanks
  2. Aruns

    Rs client not loading

    Ah fuck just wasted so much time. Thanks though
  3. Trying to use the normal rs client after the update but it's not loading. Just says loading config 0% then says error loading game config from website. If you have a firewall check the program is allowed. I've allowed the file path in my firewall and also tried disabling my firewall and trying to run it but still getting the same message. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hey haven't botted in a while. Just reinstalled the client today but there's no looking glass option? Just wondering if it's been removed or if my client just isn't showing it. Thanks
  5. My hero <3 thank you all fixed!
  6. Hey I've only just started playing again and for some reason java wasn't on my computer anymore so I reinstalled it and jdk tonight. However when I try to open tribot it just comes up asking what I want to open with and only gives me the option to open with winrar. I'm probably doing something dumb but been messing around with it for an hour now and can't figure it out. Can post screen shots if required. Thanks for any help.
  7. Bot every now and then goes to bank at shilo village but then just stands there until it's logged out. Haven't made it past an hour yet without it doing this
  8. I'm not too sure what else I can even do to show that I did purchase it. I know I purchased it otherwise I wouldn't have even gotten my mining level up as I haven't trained it legit since it was around level 10. Hopefully one of the admins can find some sort of record of it. I wouldn't even go to this much trouble if I didn't make the purchase, I've bought plenty of scripts so I wouldn't try to just rip off 1 script now.
  9. So after looking through my repository I noticed the aMiner script I purchased a month or 2 ago is no longer there. I assumed I must have accidentally clicked the 1 month auth option as I always buy the the lifetime one. However I checked through my purchase history and it doesn't even show me ever purchasing the script. I know I bought this as I used it a lot longer than the trial period allows you(plus I actually remember buying it). I contacted the script writer and he said I would need to contact an admin. So if any admin can help me it would be appreciated as I don't want to pay for the script again. Also I didn't buy it with another account as this is my only tribot one. Not sure if this helps but I found a settings folder for the script in my .tribot folder
  10. Edit on my previous post: Not sure if this helps at all but I have a settings file in my .tribot file for this script.
  11. Hey not sure if their is anyway to track this but I know I bought this script about a month or 2 ago but it is not appearing in my scripts. I'm 95% sure I bought the lifetime single auth one as that's what I always buy however it isn't there. So I thought maybe I must haven accidentally clicked on the 1 month one instead but after checking my purchase history it doesn't show that I bought this script at all which I am 100% sure I did as I definitely was using it longer than the trial period allowed. So any help here would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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