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  2. suggestion ~ add fletching for redwood logs, can turn them into arrow shafts and then the bot doesnt have to go to bank or drop them. Plus I need 96-99 fletch so that would be very cool of you to add this feature
  3. My issue with the mahoghany tables can be fixed by going to > user > appdata > roaming > .tribot then delete the AIO constructor v2 file make sure you have your planks in the bank and not noted in inventory I used this script about a year ago to get 99. Going for my 2nd now. gang shit.
  4. there's currently a script that completes 40+ different quests. You can use the free trial as a premium member or buy it for 10 credits. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3288-ezquester-v1/ Arguments only!! Argument information: https://pastebin.com/T4jf9hYL copy paste a script argument and it'll work
  5. trekr

    nRogues Den

    gz on release, tribot needed a good rogues den script
  6. trekr

    Basic Miner

    looks good, congrats on the release
  7. merry christmas any1 had any luck with this script? if so what were you making? lvling construction is such a pain on the wrists ;-;
  8. im 50 rc i want to get it up for the diarys, is this script working? if it is what's the best methood that it uses
  9. I'm trying to make mahogany tables, it keeps telling me an error has occurred and I need to click set up the tables but I do click to set it up I'm not using hotkeys to do that other problem is when it tries to get more planks, I have them noted in my inventory it will reach the chat where the number of planks should be typed in it then freezes at that point.
  10. how do i make a gif for you? It doesn't happen very often! I'll try to provide more detailed info if/when I see it happen again. I'm playing on fixed client mode with it zoomed out to max currently.
  11. This questing script cured my depression and now I'm living happily! suggestion: elemental workshop series they cause existential dread
  12. can confirm if you just leave it alone and let the error sort itself out, it works eventually x_x patience
  13. alching isn't working on the relekka rooftop, haven't tested others. It either a) doesn't click the alch item OR b) clicks the alch item while doing the obstacle, it should alch 1-3 times between each obstacle instead. new problem for you brimhaven agility course, it can't detect the ticket podiums DeleteHooksAndCache (1).jar
  14. request > more recipe for disaster side quests =]
  15. is this a relatively safe script? I only bot on my main :0 would be nice to use this for collection log/buyable skills
  16. trekr

    Accounts Being Locked

    no it's usually a day or two after that u get banned in my experience.
  17. aeriel fishing was working pretty well for about a week with only minor bugs that I'd correct as I babysat it. Unfortunately right now it's not working anymore for me. bug 1: occasionally the scripts mouse movement will be very sluggish; it has a hard time reaching the next fishing position bug 2: if already in a good fishing position the script will click on the minimap, not move at all and be stuck on that phase bug 3: *new bug* script begins and clicks around the compass area of the screen, this happens on both resizeable mode and the standard screen sizing. hopefully this helps you
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