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  1. No I only started using v3 at lvl 98 agility. But LG died soon after so I havent touched the script or any bot lol. Patiently waiting for LG to be fixed so I can go back to botting 15hours a day with peace of mind.
  2. I'm all for this, and think it would be a much appreciated quick fix to a troubling issue going on currently for many of our forum community. edit: I'm always checking the initial post to see if encoded as given any updates so that's the major thing I'm most in favor of. A separate post just for LG info pinned to the top of the forums.
  3. hit 99 agility yesterday with this up to 20m xp mining from aminer 99 thieving from aplunderer 99 fishing from afisher thx aropupu
  4. all of em my dude, except the ones I gained through barb fishing from the script made by the same guy. all his scripts are great
  5. .. ok I've made it to 95 with no bans so I'll give you my secrets. You want to stay at seers village till 90 then ardy, you want to pickup marks but not set a mouse speed. also dont dismiss randoms and the script will run flawlessly. Stop the script to do farm runs or birdhouse runs.
  6. Just let it go, I got from 1-92 with this so far
  7. the high price is to dissuade you from buying it. It is intentionally trying to tell you not to buy it right now. Do not buy it. lol
  8. all this guys scripts are top notch stuff. Can run them 15-20+ hours a day e.z .. that's been my experience with aplunder, aminer and agility hyped for v3 of Aagility to come out
  9. Finished off 99 at oak doors the other day.
  10. the first time u build something with the script u do it yourself basically and it collects that mouse data for further anti-ban is what how I understood it. Just set your item like "oak larder" or "oak door" and then build the first one like I mentioned, the script won't be effected no matter how fast u do it but ya that's how u set it up friend.
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