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  1. It's not the zulrah bot it's the client. There is a thread regarding it already and they are working on a fix
  2. happy to hear you're working on a fix
  3. my bad, everything's fine LUL
  4. wait so the bot is actually working for u right now? I can't even start a script today LUL thought we had to wait on trilez to update client.
  5. trekr


    a bot that mines the salt ore after my arms big adventure quest. I need that in my life
  6. what settings should i use for lvl 69 thieving .. 90 agility 80 hp 75 def if that matters at all :0 ..
  7. the agility script i use has mouse movement custom and varies. Like my current custom settings are between 100-147
  8. i've gone from 60-80 on seers in the past few days. i'll report back if i get banned but my account in general looks legit af. cuz... it is.. except for this agility xp im getting lol
  9. honest review of my bot so far in my 10+ hours of usage in multiple areas. The bot plays too slowly, it makes mistakes your competitor does not. That being said the bot as immense potential, I love the werewolf course, but I think it should be programmed to eat summer pies if available in the inventory and capable of giving a +3 boost making the last part (and most difficult part of the track) have a higher success rate. I don't believe you really when you say it's the clients fault for the seers chat box issue, as your competitor does not have this issue and is moving much faster than yours. Those reading this besides the script developer have to realize this script is newer and it's to be expected to not be optimal and I'm really thankful for the consistent updates you've been doing. @Einstein tl;dr this is a gold farming script currently for throw away accounts IMHO and should probably be advertised as such. Unlikely to use it again till issues are fixed which will be over a month I'd have to guess. So probably never again. Feelsbadman. But goodluck with the continued development
  10. I love that you have the werewolf course as an option, but it plays slow. I can do it manually about twice as fast or more, could be insane xp/hr if optimized
  11. I also encountered the seers village chat log bug where it's stuck. I'd like to have chat open if I could while I do seers, is there a way around this? thx for updating it It hasn't got me banned yet so bless your heart.
  12. im risking serious bank on my main for 22 agility lvls. MonkaS in chat boys. pray for me. let the jagex gods be merciful with this script.
  13. trekr


    just checking if im vip or vip extended.. guess i fucked up?
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