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  1. Update: still not b& Life is good God bless covid-19 Yep
  2. I only bot 1 account at a time. Always go for max cape it's not that I'm not willing to lose the account. Though it'll be much more convenient for me if it does not get banned.
  3. Gotcha, patience is a virtue
  4. I was reported while botting hunter by several people 3 days ago so I'm wondering Q: what's the longest amount of time between your ban & last time you were botting? Q: do you think I'm likely to get away with it or not?
  5. do birdhouse runs, 2200 total 30m+ xp botted in multiple stats. I AM IMMORTAL
  6. trekr

    i like runescape

    I like all the skills! Except runecrafting xDD uwu my favourite thing to do is watch movies and anime (japanese animation) while I play, I really like that movie where the mission is impossible.
  7. Cummins was this with the most recent patch? While they may choose to refund you the script is working just fine currently. Every game has been success for me today so give it another try! I suggest if you're using the attack portals option to set it so it predicts which portal to attack next that's worked very well for me. I'm also not having issues with brawlers, script notices them and attacks them for me. Tl;dr I litterally just finished grinding 1k points with this script consider giving it another go. settings are using ranged, quick prayers & attacking portals in the veteran boat with the priority set to "predict which portals to go to next"
  8. Thank you for working on this,while it may be leaving I'll always remember how much time you saved my main if i ever meet you I'll buy u a beer have a good one
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