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  1. all this guys scripts are top notch stuff. Can run them 15-20+ hours a day e.z .. that's been my experience with aplunder, aminer and agility hyped for v3 of Aagility to come out
  2. Finished off 99 at oak doors the other day.
  3. the first time u build something with the script u do it yourself basically and it collects that mouse data for further anti-ban is what how I understood it. Just set your item like "oak larder" or "oak door" and then build the first one like I mentioned, the script won't be effected no matter how fast u do it but ya that's how u set it up friend.
  4. 40-93 done with this script in a few days at oak doors using looking glass I get 135k/hr on average awesome script ty.
  5. thx, I've decided to wait a little longer bcz I may be able to just bot the gp myself lol. But we'll see...
  6. hey thx for the free 10 credits i actually really needed them how lucky of me to be the chosen one.
  7. not looking to pay more than 1CAD per mill
  8. trekr

    3 accounts cleaned

    https://haveibeenpwned.com/ check if you've been pwned. cuz i haven't and my 3 account still ok buddy
  9. in my experience after receiving a temp ban, I got perma banned for botting again using a different script that was previously safe but I guess they just were paying closer attention to me at the time. Imho if you actually care about your account and don't want it banned, play legit on it for like 2 months, whatever that means to u like.. couple hours a day or all day. doesn't matter just take their anti-cheating teams eyes off you.
  10. trekr

    Temporary Ban

    I was in ur situation till I used looking glass, I bot litterally like 15+ hours a day. Yolo, never getting banned as long as the script is good and I'm using looking glass I have no fear.
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and while your add it just throw in rune pouch support 4 the boys. please and thank you @Optimus sir. We loved you enough to give you our money. Pls stop abusing our relationship ;_; we want plank make fixed. unrelated but any1 know a good place to just let this script afk train strength somewhere? I was thinking maybe yaks, or experiments.
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