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  1. is motherlode mine still really high ban rate?
  2. i read in one of the comments something about possibly making a blast furnace option. would be awesome. think its something in the future for this script?
  3. seems to only be adding coal for steel bars? not sure if im doing it right as ive never used blast furnace. any tips would be great.
  4. can anyone make a saltpetre bot for use at Zeah?
  5. get stuck on the Draynor course. i fell once and it just "searched" a crate for like 10 minutes.
  6. same^ clicking food then range then food then range never selecting cook all.
  7. quick question, i have a decent defence level, but id like to start training range and safe spotting. how do i set a tile for it to not move from? i can just let most monsters attack me while ranging but id like to be able to stand behind a plant or bush etc so i dont need to bring a lot of food with me.
  8. yeah, having a problem finishing al karid and draynor. otherwise its pretty good! gotta baby sit it and adjust the camera a few times.
  9. im not sure where else to put this, but just yesterday i didnt need to be vip to use tabbing (im pretty sure i didnt pay for vip only paid for scripts). is this a new update or something? will vip show up in purchase history if i look or only scripts? maybe im just stupid and forgot if i bought vip lol im not sure.
  10. What bank do you guys bot in? Is super busy better to go un noticed or super quiet?
  11. Custom powermining not working for iron in dwarven mine by the dwarfs. Just drops the iron in my invy and stands there. World hopping addy is flawless. Other than the powermining issue great script. :-)
  12. to avoid attacking the dwarfs, under setting theres an option to right click to attack npcs. set that. it helps out a bunch!
  13. two of my bot accounts got banned first few days of using them. Didnt make it past lvl 50 on either accounts.
  14. while powermining, there is an option to drop gems. i unselect that box and it still drops gems. any idea how to keep gems?