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  1. Runescape "new content"

    That's pretty much everything though. More people complain than say they like it

    Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders
  3. Sexual harassment

  4. Clown Epidemic

    Anyone else going clown hunting!?!
  5. Clown Epidemic

    How old are you? Are you implying that the killer clowns aren't taking over the world?
  6. Pls help need money asap

    I can give you -8 billion or so for free
  7. Breach testing services

    I was a huge asshole but he still was willing to work with me kindly (lol), found a major security flaw, vouch, +1
  8. Hacked.

    All (edit nearly all) of my accounts cleansed. I didn't get phished. I don't have a keylogger. I can't offer much more information. I want answers.
  9. Hacked.

    nice try but you took a bit of a wrong assumption. See, you should always be weary of pseudonyms! I think you'd make much better progress if you knew I am not Italian one bit.
  10. Hacked.

    Is that some form of a threat? DID YOU HACK ME
  11. Hacked.

    bitch I will breach your asshole if you come at me with that again
  12. The bot war

    YOu're so stupid
  13. Java assignment, paying for help

    exactly. I'm face palming so hard
  14. Hacked.

    They didn't die, and I've been using Montreal's proxies for over a year without any consequences, so...
  15. Hello

    ur not a girl
  16. Hacked.

    Huh, I didn't think about this but I really don't think so. The computers I used were dedicated in a sense and the only websites I visited were tribot, Montreals proxy site, and quickrsgp.
  17. Hacked.

    Damn, knew I shouldn't have downloaded FreeRSGold2016.exe
  18. Hacked.

    I literally said it's obvious tribot didn't hack me. No it's not reasonable to think that, they're an established business. Why would I think this? I'm not an 8 post newb who joined a week ago. I also know if it was a RAT or keylogger it wouldn't hve infected multiple computers as I didn't mutually visit questionable sites where there is any risk at all. oh yeah, and I have a Mac in addition to PCs - both of which had hacked accounts - and it's significantly more difficult for a drive by virus to be installed on Macs, though possible. im seriously thinking Jagex is doing something.
  19. Hacked.

    That's what I was referring to earlier - there were a few accounts wealthy and still open. I was able to recover about 80M out of hundreds lost oddly enough.
  20. Hacked.

    Nope, spread over several home computers. All were on proxies I might add.
  21. Hacked.

    I seriously wish more of an effort of investigation was put to this.
  22. Hacked.

    Another important couple notes I forgot about - I checked out IP logs on emails etc., none other than my own. Also, the accounts were literally 24/7ing in this time period. What the fuck.
  23. Hacked.

    Not blaming tribot at all. Obviously it's not tribot. I'm nearly certain none of the obvious happened. Now what I can say @Tanged is that I only used a few different passwords, but this shouldn't be (I could be wrong on this one, but I'm not thinking so), for I did have a few accounts left untouched with passwords the same as the others - wouldn't each of my accounts be hacked then? Could just be me, but the behavior almost looks like Jagex's banning patterns. Also note this occurred during the major ban wave last week, I'm only realizing how bad the attack was now.
  24. We don't know if there is harm or not - Jagex is equally capable of detecting if a user doesn't have a cache, as they are at detecting if they do. No valid conclusion may be made.
  25. A return of 1% is rare in the market today, so good job