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  1. That's pretty much everything though. More people complain than say they like it
  2. ^ You're basically asking for a scam here, use a MM.
  3. *facepalm* I skimmed right over that How much exactly are you looking for?
  4. totally not sketch at all
  5. Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders
  6. How old are you? Are you implying that the killer clowns aren't taking over the world?
  7. Anyone else going clown hunting!?!
  8. I can give you -8 billion or so for free
  9. I was a huge asshole but he still was willing to work with me kindly (lol), found a major security flaw, vouch, +1
  10. nice try but you took a bit of a wrong assumption. See, you should always be weary of pseudonyms! I think you'd make much better progress if you knew I am not Italian one bit.
  11. Is that some form of a threat? DID YOU HACK ME
  12. bitch I will breach your asshole if you come at me with that again
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