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  1. TerrifiedVirus

    Java assignment, paying for help

    exactly. I'm face palming so hard
  2. We don't know if there is harm or not - Jagex is equally capable of detecting if a user doesn't have a cache, as they are at detecting if they do. No valid conclusion may be made.
  3. A return of 1% is rare in the market today, so good job
  4. Just had more accounts banned this morning that were running 24/7 the last few days. Looks like, at least temporarily, the script may be cashed. Or Weath is just on a rampage.
  5. TerrifiedVirus

    Bot membership

    I'll tell you right now it's likely your account will still be banned in today's scenario. You'll definitely need to either 1) suicide bot or 2) find a clever method, but right now, your approach probably doesn't offer anything novel despite your attempts (e.g. attempting members actions), and most likely as a result of using the bot you'll be banned either before or shortly after buying membership, and it's unlikely especially if you are looking to "skill" you'll be able to break even. I recommend doing as much research as you can, and know that there is no secret "formula" that guarantees your accounts don't get banned.
  6. It looks like he's focusing on his new scripts like the script maker and bot farm manager atm
  7. >50% loss. Every precaution taken. This is insane. Could this be a single wave? Or...
  8. TerrifiedVirus

    Mule Repeatedly Banned--Any Help?

    Know that anything I say isn't guaranteed to work, first rule of botting - what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. That said, private (NOT those free proxies you find online) proxies which you both create an account on (which you can do in Maxthon browser) and then run Tribot in should separate it from your home network, as your home network may be flagged. I can assure you if you choose the right trustworthy proxy you're not at risk of being banned even more. I believe they're $3.5 at socks5proxies.net
  9. TerrifiedVirus

    Mule Repeatedly Banned--Any Help?

    Put your mule on a proxy and maybe get a second mule
  10. Uh.. The profit counter is consistently off by anywhere from 15% to 40% when selling.
  11. TerrifiedVirus

    Weekend boting

    Guys.. The whole point of Jagex's detection is to confuse botters, so they don't easily detect patterns. Of course they're not going to show clear patterns, just like what the bots themselves are trying to do. Don't be surprised if 6 accounts are banned and the rest are not - it's safe to say those rest are "flagged" and will be banned in the near future.
  12. No worries mate a bit of specialized research revealed all answers
  13. I believe this is part of the algorithm to prevent losses.. In the long term the algorithm should out perform rote flipping