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  1. That's pretty much everything though. More people complain than say they like it
  2. ^ You're basically asking for a scam here, use a MM.
  3. *facepalm* I skimmed right over that How much exactly are you looking for?
  4. totally not sketch at all
  5. Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders
  6. I can give you -8 billion or so for free
  7. I was a huge asshole but he still was willing to work with me kindly (lol), found a major security flaw, vouch, +1
  8. nice try but you took a bit of a wrong assumption. See, you should always be weary of pseudonyms! I think you'd make much better progress if you knew I am not Italian one bit.
  9. Is that some form of a threat? DID YOU HACK ME
  10. bitch I will breach your asshole if you come at me with that again
  11. They didn't die, and I've been using Montreal's proxies for over a year without any consequences, so...
  12. Huh, I didn't think about this but I really don't think so. The computers I used were dedicated in a sense and the only websites I visited were tribot, Montreals proxy site, and quickrsgp.
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