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  1. I have one feedback as a seller, not as a buyer. What "attitude"? I made the claim that I am currently the cheapest "period" as in, end of story. I wasn't insulting you. You should really learn to interpret things better.
  2. http://puu.sh/a9YrN/06ec6f1039.png http://puu.sh/a9Ytx/e68629d6cc.png I'm not here to scam anyone, I'm here to get some RSGP.
  3. I'm selling at 300k and that's 50-200k off from every other seller, period.
  4. 80's the short term goal. No sense in getting too high of ranged if I don't plan on using it. Of course I'm going for max eventually, but as of right now, I only have a 3 month subscription, and don't know if I'll be renewing.
  5. Thanks! Updated with new quests complete/stats!
  6. I understand. I don't like a lot of training methods - but as a pure, it's beautiful, because you don't have to train 24/7, you can run off and PK with almost any stats whenever you're bored
  7. Updated for 7/13/2014: DESERT TREASURE COMPLETE!
  8. And this is how Jagex plans on keeping an upperhand in what content goes into 07. Making 1 option outshine all other options by a mile.
  9. Yes you do. Reupped.
  10. Ban rates changed based on how frequently you bot, what you bot, and how long you bot.
  11. Extremely detailed, easy to read, and I really like the advice given. Thanks so much.
  12. Incredible guide, thanks so much for this. I couldn't find a breakhandler setup guide on any of the scripters' original threads, so this helps a ton.
  13. Looks awesome! Gonna try this out on my main tonight
  14. Brother got banned using this within 4 hours.
  15. Ahh :/ well that's no fun.