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  1. Nice basic guide, hope to see something more advanced next time around.
  2. Well deserved for the both of you.
  3. Botting wyverns is very ambitious and I wouldn't recommend it.
  4. @erickho123 World 313, 343, 352, 374 and 375 have been reverted to regular worlds from Deadman worlds, hope you have time to change it soon
  5. I've never actually tested if botting during jagex' working hours makes a difference in bans so I wouldn't know. I don't bot during jagex' working hours but that is because it is more convenient for me.
  6. It's sunday wait till monday is over to decide whether your method works.
  7. When training magic using a safespot the script does not click the option to continue after getting a magic level where you unlock a new spell. So it will get stuck on the new unlocked spell screen. Gif of it: https://gyazo.com/deac46f8d2a429adb80b8dcd2f7e38ef it does not seem to happen on every new spell unlock for some reason.
  8. MrDrunt

    Temp Ban

    why did you make this topic?
  9. No it also happened when I did tutorial island by hand on 2 of my accounts.
  10. I have no clue how it is happening. I use the maxathon browser and make sure to only access an account from the proxy and have used proxies from 4 different providers. Not everyone account gets locked for me the rate is about 1/3 accounts. I tried with and without a script for tutorial island. A fix seems to be to just recover the account and you are fine to bot on it.
  11. Have you tried rebooting the vps already?
  12. MrDrunt


    Don't bother with the free scripts.
  13. MrDrunt

    DMM Botting.

    The comparison is that both methods are very well-known to the community. It's quite strange how you seem proud in your previous post that you found some 'new' method that you could make bank off while the method is not new or anything. There are no RC bots in dmm i'm pretty sure. This together with the shops are the only supply of nature runes.
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