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  1. I had this similar problem and all i had to do was set up how much money i wanted the foreman to be paid and it started running like a dream.
  2. Resizing it fixed it for me! thanks Aropupu.
  3. how long does it usually take for an update?
  4. The script is not working correctly. After it completes the course it is not running back to the start area. Rellekka and Seers are the two courses in particular that i have tried
  5. i fixed it. I was thinking Java version and not the client version. Do you know if we will be able to run the most current version eventually or will it stay like this?
  6. I am getting this error message as well. what was the fix?
  7. I had tribot downloaded and installed before and had an actual tribot icon for my shortcut on my desktop. I re downloaded it and not i can't figure how how to get that tribot shortcut back and because of this i can't get in to the folder to delete the hook.dat folder any idea what i am doing wrong with this? I have to click a java icon now when i want it to open. its almost like its not staying on my computer and re downloading it every time.
  8. serfis

    Lava Rune Crafter

    Understandable! But, i still need one haha!
  9. serfis

    Lava Rune Crafter

    i agree. Someone could make a fortune right now if they could make it!
  10. I am looking to purchase a private lava rune crafting script if anyone has one for sale. If you have another runecrafting script that is good i am be interested in that as well. please send me a pm. thanks!
  11. tried contacting you for a private script but it says you are not accepting messages. pm me please

    1. Gottaway


      he doesnt code anymore. doesn't reply to whatsapp/discord nor tribot messages. i have lost out on my £600.00 private script as its out dated.

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