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  1. i always like to check for null as well. if(trees != null && trees.length > 0) { nearestTree = trees[0]; } Also, your if statement for null checking doesn't include the isOnScreen check. So even if it doesn't jump into that if statement, it will still run to check and see if nearestTree is on screen, thus giving a nullpointer. You can fix this null checking your on screen if statement if (nearestTree != null && nearestTree.isOnScreen()) { Mouse.click(nearestTree.getModel().getTriangles()[0].getBounds().getLocation(),1); //walk to the tree then click the model when it is on the tree } or by nesting this if statement in your initial nullcheck if(trees.length > 0) { nearestTree = trees[0]; if (nearestTree.isOnScreen()) { Mouse.click(nearestTree.getModel().getTriangles()[0].getBounds().getLocation(),1); //walk to the tree then click the model when it is on the tree } Sorry if the code isn't indented and looks all spaghetti like, im about to leave but wanted to type this up for you real quick }
  2. I'll do it for free, although i'd have to post it publicly since i am not yet a scripter
  3. Used to work fine, doesn't mine for me anymore? https://gyazo.com/99e92c106fe243bbd814661f046fc37e Just sits there
  4. Broken. doesn't web walk to varrock west.
  5. Script is broken after RS update 2/11/16 The issue: The Script doesn't get passed the door in the first room of tutorial island. Just stands in front of it and keeps the status on "Blind walking to door"
  6. Purchased creds, yet another smooth deal!
  7. Will be working on all of these issues soon. Will keep all of you updated. After update i have been running it for a few hours now and it seems to be fine.
  8. Hm, i had this issue as well but thought i fixed it. Maybe i uploaded the file without compiling it I'll take a look at it and let you know Edit: Should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any other issues
  9. Thanks buddy Please let me know if there are any issues
  10. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/61027-spiffyjugger/
  11. Made this in response to this: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60997-request-jug-of-water-getter/ SpiffyPowerJugger (SpiffyJugger 2.0) Features: - Node based Framework - Paint to keep track of profit and jugs per hour - WebWalking to hassan and bank - Fast Jug Grabbing I updated this script and made it 10x more efficient than the last one, and fixed a lot of issues. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if there are any issues with the script via PM. I'll respond in roughly a few hours. Grab from the repo HERE
  12. Ill look into it, i'm working on the water jug request that was posted a bit ago.
  13. I apologize for this script. I realize there are a lot of walkers out there 10 times better than this one.