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  1. quick question before buying, what world is most of these games being sold on?? and is it still profitable to do selling games? because honestly Ive never even see any games sold in world 30
  2. I just got LG and its saying I need to run tribot in java JDK to use LG, where can I find this JDK? thanks for your time and help.
  3. ive tried to contact him for a couple days now I feel like I got shunned haha
  4. haven't had any response in the selling forums hopefully someone reaches out to me, I have Skype and im pretty active in these forums.
  5. if my comp camera doesn't work is that still fine for Skype?
  6. thanks for the help yall it helped me aswell with some questions about LG
  7. so everytime I do set it it goes straight to bank, should I put enough absorbs and overloads into my bank??
  8. so Im currently trying to figure this script all the way out, I have a pure with 43 pray and 84 str trying to get to 99 str with my 60 atk, now I know im going to do the absorb/rockcake method but I don't know how to plug that into the script, can someone please help before I buy. thanks for your time.
  9. so as the previous comment shows me the pic im just wondering since im using a pure, what would be in my "training mode" and im assuming all the main wep IDs are all different weps. considering im only using D scim that would prob be the only ID I need to put in?
  10. being that I am a 1 def pure. does this script have the option to not flick from a defensive attack style? don't want to risk getting any def what so ever.
  11. thanks I would appreciate that.
  12. I just recently got off my VIP, but yea that issue is something I run into
  13. yes, Ive been watching the script and by the way its great, but yea I have all the things you've stated above
  14. it will keep telling me that Ive run out of supplies. and stop, has anyone else experienced this issue?
  15. thanks a lot I look forward to trying it out