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  1. There are plenty of sites if you just look around, I doubt you will find them for the price you're looking for though. Your last topic said you are just botting to afford bonds, why not just buy runescape membership with that $20 instead?
  2. If you figure out how to avoid detection let the rest of us know. Why are you worried about Jmods? They aren't running around banning your level 3's by hand, they let the auto detection system take care of that.
  3. It's not like it used to be back in the good ol days, you actually have to know what youre doing to make accounts last long.
  4. As someone who used to farm RC accounts all I can say is good luck because they like to drop the ban hammer.
  5. Looks like some good goals, good luck man!
  6. Jagex just really hates you.
  7. I don't bot on accounts I don't want to lose but i've heard a rumor that if you hand train an account and then switch to botting jagex can detect a change in your patterns.
  8. You're not going to earn much in f2p, but it's a good place to test the waters like terrified said.
  9. If you're going to suicide anyways why bother even using proxies?
  10. That is the real question young padawan.
  11. I know lmao I was just letting the scripter know since he took the time to put an action in there to deal with the obstacle.
  12. Thanks man I know that. I was just letting the scripter know that function still doesn't work.
  13. Every time for me it gets stuck right after accepting the entrance to wilderness screen and just sits there until restarting script . Also after being pked it switched worlds then sat there on login screen.
  14. Oh wow thanks.
  15. Yeah they need to add paypal. I'm in the same boat.