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  1. Of course this scripted is boom. But just got banned for using willb rock crabs lol
  2. Just got banned the reset for crabs is to bait
  3. thanks willb..is it also normal that i no longer get the stat screen on the botton of screen anymore. i now get it on the right side in white writing with no more detailed box like before
  4. this script was perfect before bro but now its having problems running to away to re set crabs and alot of time wasted
  5. it doesnt work telling me it needs max zoom distance cridical but i tryed zoomed in and out and still nothing
  6. this script is amazing make sure your screen is on fixed and you will have no problems
  7. how do i download it pureple
  8. hey guys has anyone been banned using this script..it seems good but iv been banned 3 times already but not nowing what scrpt it is coming from...if anyone knows a couple of good ones please let me no thanks