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  1. Pm if you still need this of too low feedback take this as free bump Skype: kiwi.pommy
  2. Current stock : 342 Price ea : negotiable (based off avg on zybez sdmm site) Pm me Can accept 07 gp aswell as sdmm gp
  3. Online skype me
  4. online ready for orders
  5. was it a free bot?
  6. Ruffnation's Chinning/Bursting/Defender Service What i can do: chinning with no prayer Ice burst with No pray Defenders Bronze- Dragon cost is negotiable and discussed on skype i accept Skrill, OSRS GP only Requirements: 55 Range 1 Prayer Monkey Madness Done up until you have GreeGree (if you need an accounts quested up till this point i can do this for a fee) Progress on my own Account after 200 chins https://gyazo.com/e3...0d825a84e2b59e5 Notes: Always Ask For a Private Message!! Due to price of Chins I am happy to do in increments of 1200 per hour (max i can throw per hour) Either YOU will go First or VMM will be used Any progress screenshots can be recieved at any time you request that i am on the account Order Form: Range/Magic levels Required: Will you give feedback after job done: First or MM: Added me on skype yet: Skype: kiwi.pommy please be sure to add me not an impostor
  7. can sell this $1.32 per m
  8. title says it 10 credits paypal verified pm me for skype and let me know price
  9. hey all im ruffnation calling in and saying hello from nz