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  1. I can sell 1.31usd per m have 30m for sale skype kiwi.pommy Will use vmm
  2. I have 30m for sale via skrill skype kiwi.pommy
  3. Pm if you still need this of too low feedback take this as free bump Skype: kiwi.pommy
  4. Current stock : 342 Price ea : negotiable (based off avg on zybez sdmm site) Pm me Can accept 07 gp aswell as sdmm gp
  5. Ruffnation's Chinning/Bursting/Defender Service What i can do: chinning with no prayer Ice burst with No pray Defenders Bronze- Dragon cost is negotiable and discussed on skype i accept Skrill, OSRS GP only Requirements: 55 Range 1 Prayer Monkey Madness Done up until you have GreeGree (if you need an accounts quested up till this point i can do this for a fee) Progress on my own Account after 200 chins https://gyazo.com/e3...0d825a84e2b59e5 Notes: Always Ask For a Private Message!! Due to price of Chins I am happy to do in increments of 1200 per hour (max i can throw per hour) Either YOU will go First or VMM will be used Any progress screenshots can be recieved at any time you request that i am on the account Order Form: Range/Magic levels Required: Will you give feedback after job done: First or MM: Added me on skype yet: Skype: kiwi.pommy please be sure to add me not an impostor
  6. Profile of user: Purple Reign https://tribot.org/forums/user/311310-purple-reign/ Date: Monday at 7:46 PM Feedback left: neutral Why should it be removed: he has been banned due to scamming me for 19m dispute is now closed and was in my favour as he is ban evader etc If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):
  7. Only thing i see happening is here im out of 19m osgp and your taaking advantage of my low feedback as i am new here
  8. can buy what you havae left with skrill or pp i am verified
  9. Note the user re added me on skype i tried to discuss the situation with him to come to a solution with minimal disruption to the party's involved, immedietly after i send this he appeared offline https://gyazo.com/944f163045e9fa1fdc73bebbc8c60c03
  10. So is the 19m that disapeared when you logged pointless too? im 19m out of pocket all i want is my 19m back or else it paid for by other means as such was the original deal? EDIT: i may be new to this site but this isnt my first time on a botting site i have multiple feedback on others which due to rules i will not say which site unless specifically asked by mod, i came to tribot for the different types of bots and market place you have. and main way to build feedback is either buy or sell gold hence the sale
  11. no you never backed out you took my money and ran EDIT : if you backed out why was as soon as i traded the 19m you logged out and unadded me on skype and wouldnt take my call ? https://gyazo.com/7a268eaa154b9cec0107a7d283599180
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