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  1. Lol I doubt u earned 50k a month with a Minecraft server and I know they would make alot of money.. I Just think its very lamé to sell gold in ur own game as a 'Big company'
  2. Congratulations on ur release, but might wanna correct the thing I quoted
  3. Please never put that song on a video again or I will have to kill someone.
  4. If Jagex ever would decide to sell gold themself they would truly be a joke.
  5. Thats quite impressive, how did u manage to do that ?
  6. Nice script bro, I am liking it so far ! Those long sleep times are also good when botting on ur main, that you dont like banned
  7. Lil B


    I think I am going to buy one bitcoin aswell. Where do you guys store it and buy it. I am pretty new to it.
  8. Lil B


    I am just asking how much people invest, if your not willing to share it. Don't. Its just a question.
  9. Lil B


    I am also considering buying some, how much do you guys invest ?
  10. Random question but did u bot 200m fletching xp ?
  11. This will be the case for more game's not just Runescape.
  12. Is this script able to go from the Hill Giants to Varrock West bank ? , it has to open op a door and climb stairs n' stuff.
  13. Did all of that. I do not have alot of stuff on my pc in general. But how do I see a exact list of my start-up progams ?
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