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  1. Sorry I have missed that. Where can I safely pass you my account info so you can test it?
  2. Don't want to bother but it dosn't work yet mate
  3. Assume, the script works great but there is one thing to improve. I noticed that after looting the bones (actually just clicking on them) it almost instantly attacks another monster resulting in leaving 1 bone behind and picking them next time. So it basically always trys to loot and after looting the last item it supposed to pick it just clicks on it and right afterwards attcking another monster resulting in not picking the last item listed in GUI (in my case usually the bones). I have clicked on "wait for loot" box in gui, so everything should be fine. Regards
  4. yes script needs to be fixd, as it's not working
  5. podgorsek

    Break handler and Looking Glass problem

    Great! it'll help others too.
  6. podgorsek

    Break handler and Looking Glass problem

    ooo I was not aware of that thank you, will keep it minimized for sure.
  7. podgorsek

    Break handler and Looking Glass problem

    Thanks, will give it a try
  8. Hello, have anyone else also noticed that after a break when bot was supposed to re-log in, it does nothing.. Before I started using Looking Glass function, I've never had that kind of a issue. But now I cannot bot over my first break as it just simply stucks at it. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Hi, would be possible to add Karamja fish noting support on the south coast? So it doesn't have to walk each time it fills up inv.
  10. Hi, today I tried this script for 2 hours and it ran perfectly! around 900k/h till the end. After my trial has finished I decided to buy this script and wow right after the purchase my account is failing the Zulrah continuously (it actually never failed on trial, but it might has to do something with recent OSRS update which happend after my trial was over and before I purchased the script).. account suddendly uses ring of dueling and teleports out) and if it doesn't teleport, it's dead.. How is that possible? I closed tribot and restarted my pc and afterwards I noticed my account got stucuked after trying to rebank food in varrock as it was trying to bank the last (northest) banker which is actually unreachable.. I'm using clan wars rebank method and fairy ring via varrock. Skills; defence: 72, magic: 84, range: 80, prayer 50, HP: 68
  11. Hi, the script is working but it's not flawless.. when I choose to loot bones and bury them, bot gets confused. It's sometimes miss clicking or it just forgets to loot bones and then sometimes it loots them during combat (even though I choosed to wait to loot). And another thing when I was training range with this script, I choosed to loot arrows of course, but this script was capable of looting maybe 30% of them or less.. I've lost alot of arrows this way. could you please fix this issues as I'm worried they might lead to a ban. Thanks
  12. podgorsek

    Auto Agility [Open Source]

    Script worked great until recent update. Bot just stands in front of Canfis course and does nothing after an update. When you'll have some extra time please fix it Sorry after second client restart, script seems to be just working perfect!
  13. It only happens sometimes and I'm guessing it only happnes while there are 2 fishing spots on same tile (like Net/Cage, Net/Harpoon).