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  1. thanks guys, seems to be ok now
  2. Getting this error message? https://gyazo.com/a03eccc23140dfb2ed3bda9ab5269399
  3. hey, keeps telling me its withdrawing items but is actually just standing with the bank open?
  4. Hey, I just wanted to leave some feed back after using the script for the last few hours: It's brilliant! Some minor problems though: - after each phase the script doesnt switch prayer fast enough and I usally take 1-2 hits ( which could kill me ) - drinks / eats after the boss is already dead ( which wastes supplies) - only a minor problem so its not essential in fixing it! That's pretty much it, I hope my feedback has helped anyone that may be considering buying this script. P.S. Very good work on this script my friend, you deserve a medal *edit* if you ever make private scripts for people please give me a private message, I have a money making method that can be turned into a script VERY easily that makes 700k+hr. Doesn't look like anyone knows about it yet.
  5. Hi idk if this is because of the script but I'd like some help please. Whenever i open tribot my client seems to lag - with or without using a script and it is affecting my script performance. I got a zulrah kill time of 4:30 and i dont think thats good haha. Any ideas?
  6. Hi im thinking about purchasing this script and I'm not trying to cause arguments.. but is this script risky at all? like I don't want to get banned on my main for using it. Please be nice about this, I'm not here for trouble
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