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  1. Gotta put the p-mods on payroll like back in the days, they'll mute your competition too. J-mods are like feds you don't fuck with them the logoff feature is good.
  2. oh my bad misread, if it's been a few years unless you have a static IP and haven't changed your ISP your IP address should be different than a few years ago. Can unplug your modem for 5 mins and should change too again unless it's static. I only farm but I'd recommend you get VIP-E so you can use looking glass too, botting a reasonable amount of time a day, botting non jagex hours, etc. if you want to see the account last. Their anti-ban system is pretty solid now tbh.
  3. I think proxies would be the easiest way for what you're trying to do. Download the maxthon browser and you can use sock5proxy's there to create your accounts and then also use those proxies on tribot so that your accounts don't even have to ever touch your home IP at all.
  4. You can make money off just suiciding weekends so... yeah :\ You can't make nearly as much money as you used to off this game but 500m+ a month profit is still very achievable if you put in the time to learn.
  5. This ain't the site homie, you wanna head over to sythe, steroidperm. Be prepared to drop 100m+
  6. If that's true, then maybe your best course of action, would be to tread lightly.
  7. Bought 38 credits for 45.6m OSRS GP! Trade was done in less than 5 minutes, VERY FAST AND PROFESSIONAL THANK YOU!
  8. https://gyazo.com/a8a50609536550e107817d34b73b201b You will get bans though, it's inevitable and not all accounts will be as successful as this one. It's still a great script. Trial and error eventually you'll profit. This is my best proggy ever and imo the best one on this site https://gyazo.com/ffdc5e96e296b76c81f6eb2d4ebc314c
  9. only 1 of 4 but I only suicide on weekends and those that survive i suicide non jagex hours
  10. My mules got hit HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AF back in 2014, talkin a $1k+ loss, shit happens, gotta keep mules on clean IPs at all times, no exceptions. Sorry for your loss.
  11. 2/4 banned saturday, 2/4 banned monday morning so nah lul
  12. Maybe, but history shows Jagex doesn't care if they piss the majority of players off (12/10/07 wilderness / free trade / staking gone), EOC, etc.
  13. GP would drop as anybody could start a huge farm, but I think there would still be a big enough demand from staking addicts that it would still be worth it. There will also be a group of people who disagree with the morals of botting ("why bot if you don't like the game?") type of people who look at it as cheating and cheating isn't fun.
  14. I don't buy the pattern bullshit. I think they do that to allow you to make enough to cover your bonds, because if you're always losing money botting eventually you're going to stop, that means less bonds purchased.
  15. Definitely wasn't, changed my password for the first time since May 2013 yesterday.
  16. I would definitely say something like that in that tone trolling though so it probably was me lol nonetheless, changing
  17. lmao wtf i don't remember even being on this site during the month of October and I definitely was sober on that date... hmm :\
  18. Fucking sexist asshole, get the fuck off
  19. You're still not going to convince me that the majority of account sales aren't scams. It's literally the easiest scam that can be performed on rs black market sites, especially because the burden of proof falls on the buyer. You can literally just refund that person the price of the account and they still profit off the gold off the account. There's a reason account sales are not allowed here.
  20. Which is why the people involved in it are typically scammers.
  21. Well if you've found the secret to doing that that's awesome man. Most people on here are not finding the same success.
  22. Yes, there are people who making starter accounts who don't recover (and many of them still do recover) i.e paying $30 for 60 range 1 def 1 pray accounts that you can get yourself in 1 day if you really wanted to and know what was/wasn't botted and know it's your account. The account business is not something worth investing in anymore because of how hard it is to bot a maxed account. Maxed mains basically have to be trained by hand now, the odds of making it all the way through starting now is zilch. It would take ~800 hours to take a 1 1 1 account and turn it into a 99 99 99 99hp. That's not including questing, skilling, or range and mage. Unless you sell that account for $5,600 you're making less than $7/h. Even if you were afking and going to be at your computer the whole time anyway and you don't consider that work there are more profitable things that could be done at this time. The only way to really make money off accounts is if the person is legitimately quitting the game for good, or if they're going to recover.