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  1. I don't have any accounts, and I haven't had much success in botting accounts up, I would pay for a NMZ service for 3 accounts minimum if I was seriously going to do this again. The stats I would want on the accounts would likely cost close to $500. I have not been around the game in almost 7 months, I have no way to tell if this will be even worth it by the time my accounts are done, but the proggys look insane.
  2. Same, old one was the tits like 3 and a half years ago till all my accounts got banned lol... I don't know if I feel like investing $500 into accounts being trained from level 3 is my issue right now.
  3. Diabolic

    Creating a Farm

    Before you get to paying for a private script to reach that level of automation I hope you have found a method already that profits more than bonds and proxies. If you're just starting botting I would recommend starting off small and growing. If you're not new just ignore above lol.
  4. Diabolic

    Tutorial for Safe Botting

    You can make money off just suiciding weekends so... yeah :\ You can't make nearly as much money as you used to off this game but 500m+ a month profit is still very achievable if you put in the time to learn.
  5. Diabolic

    What happens if you log on your main ip with your bot acc

    If that's true, then maybe your best course of action, would be to tread lightly.
  6. https://gyazo.com/a8a50609536550e107817d34b73b201b You will get bans though, it's inevitable and not all accounts will be as successful as this one. It's still a great script. Trial and error eventually you'll profit. This is my best proggy ever and imo the best one on this site https://gyazo.com/ffdc5e96e296b76c81f6eb2d4ebc314c
  7. I did the next day haha but most of my accounts don't last 1 day lol you just need to get lucky with one of them to pay off.
  8. I wanted to break the record homie but it's been too buggy the past 15 hours lagging hard core have to reset client https://gyazo.com/ffdc5e96e296b76c81f6eb2d4ebc314c
  9. I'm assuming it's just d warhammer staking so when you don't have pid in the fight you use d war hammer. When you do have pid you just whip. Just assuming I've been out of that world a little while. For example when there was still a 50% chance you would have random pid it wasn't worth risking using a d war hammer. Now that you know throughout the entire if you're not going to have pid fight it's worth using d war hammer / hasta (or d war hammer hasta even with random stakes tbh if they don't at least have a hasta). That would make sense. I can't see the advantage of making many stakers based on the update alone unless they just want one for every combat range.
  10. Are you saying interface checking is back like rapier staking back in 2011? If there is no way to detect before the stake I don't see how it would matter.
  11. 3 years isn't new... Unless you're referring to hasta / d war hammer which does have an impact.