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  1. Yet another 99 from Aropupu (got 99 agility few months back) I'll end up getting the mining script soon.
  2. What is the best settings for lvl 91?
  3. thanks
  4. Any use this bot lately?
  5. Ummm. I have a few breaks I used. They are mostly around 1 hour then 3-6 min break. I botted everyday for about month + week for the 99. I also botted around 5-8 hours a day.
  6. Hope it gets fixed fast. Really want to use DaxHunter again for black chins.
  7. I feel the pain dude. We are just going to have to wait for TriBot.
  8. I have been trying go on premium script sub forum. To post about a bug that I was facing on a hunter bot I use. Then I noticed that I was not able post any thing with in that whole sub section? I don't understand why that is happening.
  9. I have a few questions. One of them would be my sig for this script will not up date wondering why so. Also what lvl is a good lvl for black chins?
  10. Hey, I am wondering if this script has teak logs at ape atoll. If so does it drop them or can burn them. Thanks
  11. Yo

  12. welcome