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  1. @Tri can you get the slayer tower gargoyle pathing to work? currently when i try to use DAX walker it crashes instantly and the default doesn't work at all when it comes to running to spot and banking. also the ranged safe spotting method at the door doesn't work because of the same issue it would seem, where as the "safe spot" doesn't exist or isn't registered to be on the same level of the 3rd floor.
  2. he has been gone too much imo, there are tons of issues lately and I haven't seen him in awhile. currently I'm having a problem with script stability, it often stops working after 2 hours and the bot just stops. I can't even get it to run for 5 hours without it stopping
  3. This happened yesterday and when I woke up today it's still stuck. I don't have vip and can't run even one script..
  4. warning to everyone, do not try to high alch. it moves way to fast and doesn't allow for animation which looks like 1) you have a disorder or 2) you're a bot.. and to be fair most of you probably have a disorder so disregard.
  5. so with this script, I will be able to create basically everything from looting/banking to profession training to bossing?