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  1. Works well but noticed when cursing sometimes it accidentally misclicks the enchant crossbow bolt (level 5) then the bot fails to close this window and just spam clicks; http://puu.sh/aqsbP/50e39c6cfb.png
  2. @Tri Thanks so much, great work!
  3. Using the script now and there are some noticeable problems for 1 def pures; When the fire giants are aggressive it should attack, the closest fire giants otherwise it takes a lot of damage trying to get fire giants further away and whilst trying to attack them getting hit by closer ones.Also, it shouldn't loot 5 seconds after being in combat the first priority should be getting back to the safe spot when under attackAlso, if we are using another food for example tuna, if the bot loots lobsters or swordfish it should also use this as secondary food, when the primary food (tuna in this example) is out.Should be able to choose what items to alch rather than based on value.Levels gained, and time till next level would be nice to have on the paint as well.Also when world hopping there is no need to run back outside it should just stand at the door which is a safespot.
  4. Script needs a lot of updates for it to be flawless: XP a hour is ridiculously slow atm. At master farmer, I used to get 60k a hour at like 90 thieve, now its like 30. The bot needs to spamclick the farmer somehow. Maybe like your old script?Wen the script starts it adjusts the camera angles a lot for like 40 secs..Needs to be more compliant with bot handler. Sometimes it will just wonder off somewhere then log out.In another script I use it has a "Logout when Jmod in area feature"- it would be sick if you could get that workingAnd of course, eventually needs to be ABCL 10I feel your old version of this script was a lot more smooth, and efficient. Looking forward to the updates though, because I know you set yourself a high stanard. Thanks, and if you need any further details let me know!
  5. Nearly been a week since you've been on the forums. This script needs major updating if I I don't hear with you in the few days will have to start a dispute. I don't want too but you leave me no choice.
  6. Just noticed it nearly died when in a combat random: http://puu.sh/9XR3O/1f34c8f3d1.png Got evil chicken random, and after initially failing to kill it it tried to run away, but because auto retaliate was on it would run back towards the chicken. Also, it tried to carry on maging the monsters before the random had been solved.
  7. No problem! Good work on the script effort though, looks like your genuinely interested. Good luck!
  8. If the script is released for free, then what happens to those who just bought it? Bit unfair to them isn't it?
  9. It's screwing up horribly. After I start at lumbridge top bank it somehow manages to go outside the castle and just stands outside.. At other times when I try and restart the script, it takes out flax then runs towards the stairs at lumbridge bank then runs back to bank and does this continuously.
  10. Any eta on lumbridge support?