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  1. Who got banned ?

    i have 12 of mine banned but they had a grate run over 10 mill each
  2. 9k bans damm..

    lol atleast 12 were mine alone lol ha
  3. break handler

    i tryed to searching before i made post and couldnt find anything how do i set up breaks ? i tryed setting it up but it doesnt seem to work i put run time for 10 mins and duration for 2 mins but it didnt stop after 10 mins so any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. tri range guild bot problems

    seems to run great uptill the 1 hour mark and then it gets hung up down by the targets and player just keeps runing from one end to the other untill you restart bot edit : and for reference it was the more human like one not the fast xp
  5. break handler

    hey thank i has evrything right but forgot to bad it when i opened up script lol feel like nub lmao but thanks wu