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  1. You can pay the difference. Go to your Purchase VIP panel and scroll down. You should see an upgrade button.
  2. Damn. Forgot to add the dynamic sleep on the topic. I actually put a method that checks if the player is close to the tree tile, and it still glitches in the same way. I'll try to use another walking method then. Thanks for the responses!
  3. Hey guys. I'm trying to use WebWalking.walkTo() to walk a small distance (not bigger than 50 tiles), but this method is working quite strangely. This is basically how it's written on my script: case WALK_TO_TREE: System.out.println("Walking to tree"); WebWalking.walkTo(TREE_TILE); System.out.println("We've arrived at the tree"); break; The script is, most of the time, 'ignoring' the walkTo method, as I get the two println messages instantaneously on the bot debug, and it doesn't walk at all. And sometimes, if I click the minimap right after the method is called, then it starts walking. I know this is probably caused by condition overlapping on my script, but I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this.
  4. Using a basic autoclicker will most likely get you banned quickly, as the click will be in the same spot between an exact amount of time, and that's pretty obvious to Jagex that someone is autoclicking. I'd suggest you to use a more human one.
  5. hey guys, do I need vip/vip-e in order to use human mouse data? or do I just need to complete the mouse data software 22 times?
  6. hey, I'll buy 1 or 2, I've added you on skype
  7. I instantly tried to submit an appeal which didn't work. Then I went to PlayerAuctions live chat and told the operator about what happened, and he said I'll receive an email from the team. It wasn't even that great, 65/66/65 combat and some other low-leveled skills.
  8. Hey guys, I have recently bought an account on PlayerAuctions so I could start my goldfarm, but 1 day later it was locked because they think it was stolen. All my appeals are instantly denied and I don't know what do to anymore. How do I regain access to it? I don't know if I posted this on the right section, but yea.
  9. Hey guys, I would like to write and use my own scripts, but after following a tutorial on how to use local scripts (compiled by Eclipse) I realized that they don't show up on the "start script" menu on the client. That said, do I need VIP/VIP-E in order to run local scripts?
  10. That was very helpful, thanks man!
  11. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to botting and currently I'm trying to setup my own goldfarm. I've been researching methods lately and a lot of people agree that Green Dragon Bots are one of the most "steady" methods for using in a goldfarm. That said, do you guys think it will be worth it to buy 2-3 accounts around 70/70/70 stats and use them a few hours a day for GD killing? With these stats, how much gp/hr will I possibly get?
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