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  1. Best thing to do is just google something when you don`t know. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18379238/send-email-with-php-from-html-form-on-submit-with-the-same-script that explains everything pretty well.
  2. Why not play on a private server?
  3. Agree with this would pretty much mean more income for tribot
  4. If we knew then there wouldn`t be so many people getting banned daily
  5. Even when he wasn`t banned he had the trade with caution thing
  6. RIP yohojo
  7. I thought really free
  8. As previously stated im sure you cant buy half a credit.
  9. Feel so bad for you
  10. @erickho123 its fixed now
  11. This is what was said on the Fx 8350
  12. @ will give you an answer. But he/she is not online atm.
  13. Awh man 2 slow gl with store