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  1. pauliusam

    screen bigger?

    how i can make tribot screen resolution bigger?
  2. pauliusam

    screen bigger?

    Hi i have issue my tribot screen is very small. For example runelite or anyother is normal size, how to change it? please help
  3. need 6.5 credits (or 7 if half is not a option) paying osrs gp
  4. pay method - osrs gp
  5. why they should do that? post (have user) in bot forums isn't rule braking they can't restrict my freedoms of choosing forums
  6. so my email was hjacked (paypal account, facebooke also runescape) after i fix all bad things happened to my with my paypal facebooke (because it was used) finnaly i recoved my runescape account and it took like 5hours to get accepted and after that.. i'm permanently banned for trading account... and i can;t even appeal it. I writed to jagex email i found but no respone, used twitter but no response i mean i have all proves i was hacked not selled account.. i know jagex big game company but it's not true... really not true.. do not know what their arguments maybe they have their ways to find out it, but IT IS BIG MISTAKES everybody does mistakes and here is one of them.. it's impossible for them to prove their decision but i can prove i was hacked by showing emails from paypal and others sites about that. So what should i do? try to personally contact mod ? but how?
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