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  1. Please help cant find an answer am looking for every bot does it to me and no one can help me!!! :(((( (Not here to advertise...)
  2. Just bought the runecrafting script for $29.99 (exRuneCrafter) and every time i run it it just logs out of my accounts and does nothing else! Any chance i could get a refund? ... Thanks for the help
  3. So it dosent give you any scripts? And any way I could get a refund? Tought it gives you the premium scripts
  4. Title says it all http://prntscr.com/jbrp2s
  5. What kind of different client?
  6. Can't see anything was trying to change resolution but it went like this now I can't see anything http://prntscr.com/e14tro
  7. How do i bank longs? Am trying to do Yew in GE and it dosent let me bank them can anyone explain how you do it?
  8. I accidently choose allways deny and i cant run any scrip now how do i fix this problem?
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