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  1. HFai1996

    [ABCl10] Elite Chopper Free [Task Based] [ABCv3]

    I'm still encountering a problem when using the drop feature, just goes into settings and clicks the same thing over and over. No text in the debug either to indicate what has gone wrong
  2. HFai1996

    Any assistance on this problem please

    Solved: Deleted all java programmes and re-downloaded just JDK102
  3. Basically I couldn't get looking glass to work, I downloaded the correct JDK and it started working now whenever I launch the client and start a new client or looking glass client it just states "Loading client params" and just trys booting over and over. Below is what I am getting in the console if anyone can work out whats going wrong
  4. HFai1996

    Creating a 60 attack piety pure

    Hey everyone, been a little bored lately and wanted something to take up some free time when I am not working. so thought I would make a 60 attack piety pure. been watching various videos and really have the urge to create one, started that account Saturday and my goal I am aiming for currently is barrows gloves. the stats I am aiming for are pretty much exactly the same as these Let me know your thoughts
  5. HFai1996

    Purchased VIP but never received

    Purchased vip a minute ago yet I haven't received my rank on the forums and cant use looking glass on the client
  6. I just restarted my client because it was annoying to manually click and it seems to be working fine now
  7. Current bug after the update, selects "previous rumble" and then get stuck and just keeps re-creating the dream and not entering
  8. This would be awesome, Also when you start off blowpiping it checks its 100% runs to bank open bank interface and then close it and runs back every time
  9. HFai1996

    Scammed? - tribot

    So "tribot" decided to scam you 20m 07 and leave my 1.6b bank alone for 2 years. Hmm ok seems legit
  10. HFai1996

    No Runescape client was found

    I was having the same problem for ages i completely unistalled java, osb and tribot and installed just jdk111 and it worked first time
  11. HFai1996

    Can't use LG

    Downgrading java to 8u111 sorted it thanks so much mate