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  1. Sent you a message about a question I have. (message on the website live chat)
  2. Why would you use super ranging when there are overloads available? the bot gets you to 51hp then overloads down to 1hp. Overloads maintain the boost for 5 minutes ranging drop progressively. there is no advantage in using super ranging only disadvantages
  3. Nope
  4. same man its hella annoying
  5. Happy birthday Worthy
  6. probably 5 hours on weekdays and upto 8 hours a day on weekends
  7. congrats man thats awesome
  8. Looking glass with osbuddy just have it open and you can freely type and reply to whatever
  9. Welcome mate!
  10. Whenever I bot I am always actively speaking in a clan chat i think this is the key reason why I haven't been banned (yet) i just cant be assed to pysically do it i jsut watch streams and talk extremely actively in clan chats
  11. awesome thanks