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  1. I bot 8 hours a day plus after that I do a quest. In the weekend.. I bot for like 6 to 8 hours and quit.
  2. How do I start this bot in the Motherlode mine? I am on the trial but I just can not seem to figure it out. All those options lol @Aropupu EDIT: First thing it does is trying to enter the dark tunnel. Then it says: You have to complete falador medium diary. How can I mine and still use the motherlode?
  3. I prefer fishing. As for woodcutting you also need to level up in combat. You can start with fishing from day 1. The money will Always be solid as we will Always need those fishies.
  4. AFK botting is already being used by a few scripts here on Tribot. I know @Aropupu his agility script is. That one was working great.
  5. @nlbamf @dropperz Thank you ! You are both right. Appreciate the answers.
  6. Nope @Butta Rotterdam, I think you may know that city aswell. @swagg I love to combine it thanks though! What is your opinion about: You should never train before you go out, it's useless.
  7. Buurrrpp! Don't know where else to post it. What do you guys think? At the moment I am typing this thread and taking a sip from my Heineken. I have been going to the gym for 6 months now, 4 days a week. I don't use supplements or anything. I just like to be a bit in shape. It's Thursday. Means it studentnight here in Holland. I am going to see a lot more cans with red stars on it tonight. But for real.. what effect does beer have on my progress if I go out once in a week? Happy easter, Cheers!
  8. If it is your main... STOP lol. They are watching you.
  9. I am also receiving the messages. Changed it.
  10. Why stick to 105? You can go higher right? A lot of other scripts do so.
  11. If you like, I can help you set up a good breakhandler. I am currently boosting my combat on my main, so I am into it. @tankyy
  12. @Tankky I am curious, why don't you just bot it yourself?
  13. TRI combat script. Working great so far.
  14. I use Teamviewer on android. Great app.
  15. @leetmad You will have to be more specific. Maybe you bot without breaks and straight 18 hours every day.
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