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  1. Runescapeplayer

    Play times

    I bot 8 hours a day plus after that I do a quest. In the weekend.. I bot for like 6 to 8 hours and quit.
  2. How do I start this bot in the Motherlode mine? I am on the trial but I just can not seem to figure it out. All those options lol @Aropupu EDIT: First thing it does is trying to enter the dark tunnel. Then it says: You have to complete falador medium diary. How can I mine and still use the motherlode?
  3. Runescapeplayer

    Woodcutting vs fishing

    I prefer fishing. As for woodcutting you also need to level up in combat. You can start with fishing from day 1. The money will Always be solid as we will Always need those fishies.
  4. Runescapeplayer

    Human Breaking Algorithm

    AFK botting is already being used by a few scripts here on Tribot. I know @Aropupu his agility script is. That one was working great.
  5. Runescapeplayer

    Temp ban

    If it is your main... STOP lol. They are watching you.
  6. Runescapeplayer

    Fairly certain my tribot account was hacked

    I am also receiving the messages. Changed it.
  7. @leetmad You will have to be more specific. Maybe you bot without breaks and straight 18 hours every day.
  8. @Tri Hello there. I bought your script. It is working great so far. I am using it for slayer. I use the function to world hop when somebody is talking in the area I am standing it. But if you talk, it also tries to worldhop. I am not talking to myself, but in Zanaris your character sometimes has the habit to talk. Or the choir makes you sing.
  9. Runescapeplayer

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Thank you @Aropupu . You are a great scripter. You always help your customers and you do that quick. Admireable. Great scripts guys. I can definetly recommend this scripts. It get's the job done, it is safe to use and it makes you money. For those wondering, I got it in 1.5 month.
  10. Runescapeplayer

    Money making with bots

    Lol. Internetship and doing shit from 8 - 5. Story of my life aswell.
  11. Runescapeplayer

    Requesting a simple script.

    I don't think people have faith in the 50/50.
  12. Runescapeplayer

    Do I need Proxy/VPN (am I at risk?)

    I used to drop my cash with 1 bot account, and pick it up with my main account. Means no history of trading ( if it even exist )