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  1. please help me and tell me how to open up a rs3 client window!! thank you
  2. everytime i start up my bot is says this [21:10:14] Loading human mouse movement data. [21:10:14] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: No human mouse data checksum found. is this normal? lol if not how can i fix this. Also everytime my bot tries logging in again onto runescape after a break, it always put the usernamel 2-3 times and keeps clicking log in
  3. ok ill test it overnight, heres another proggy maybe add an option so it pots up when one of ur stats go back to a certain level, like pots again at 76/74 str. just a suggestion tho, works really good btw so thank you
  4. ill help test it if u want.
  5. went to 70-65-70 in 5 days from 1. if you can add potion and spec support id literally give u 20$ lol
  6. The account im currently botting on was made on a different IP using a proxy, just wondering if i can play on this account on osbuddy with looking glass? or would jagex get my IP if i play on it?
  7. nvm, works on osbuddy but not runescape client. on runescape client it just says " [23:14:03] Downloading script 'AFK SAND CRABS'. [23:14:05] Script Ended: AFK SAND CRABS. "
  8. ive tried this with looking glass and the script just doesnt start up. script ends right away,idk why
  9. alright. and what do you think of adding potion support? also heres an 11 hour proggy from last night, very good script. and, what do you think the chance of ban is for this script? cuz all it does it just afk so id be surprised if i got a ban lol
  10. when it goes to re aggro the crabs. sometimes the crab goes into the spot where the player is suppose to stand it just keeps clicking the crab. just thought id let you know.
  11. you should add pot support, other than that this script looks good. ill be testing it out overnight. ill post a proggy if its still on in the morning
  12. hey bro, can u add an option where the blowpipe doesnt switch to long-range pls? im using this on a zerker n dont want any def lvls.
  13. how tf do i start the script?? theres no start option when im done setting up the gui...
  14. @J J I bought your script today to try it out. As you don't have a trial option. After using it for a couple hours, I realized its not fit for me. Would you be able to give me a refund? Thanks!