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  1. Could I get a refund for this?
  2. This script needs to be retweaked, it doesn't recognize some phases of zulrah's cycles. I saw it die countless times because it didn't want to use the prayer.. Honestly i'm really dissatisfied with this script, I don't have the choice to disable retaliate what good does that to? My stats are 99 range/94 magic/81 Defence also my gear set up is good but sadly this script is losing me money because it keeps fucking dying because of the mediocrity of this script. I'm getting somewhere near 350k an hour.. absolute rubbish..
  3. This script would be more efficient if it had auto retaliate off. I'm just observing it and you would be suprised on how many times my character died because of auto retaliate... Explain to me fucking why I can't unable auto retaliate on the script? I should decide it regardless... When zulrah is doing it's cycles my character just attacks the little pests and it wastes good time...
  4. Okay I have some simple questions. Why does the script have such a long delay time in responding to loot the items? Why Does the script click the bank poll and remain stuck and hasn't been fixed? Why doesn't the script loot the clue scrolls? Why Does my character in the bank of edgevile click back in forth to certain tiles? It's very bot like.. Why doesn't the script have a percentage to eat at during the trip? Why doesn't the script evade when players attack? I saw my character die in front of my eyes and it just stood there and took in the ass. In fact it didn't even recognized it was even being attacked.
  5. This script doesn't seem to loot clue scrolls, I remember setting up recently with clue scrolls enabled and I got a clue scroll drop and it didn't loot it. Also after a trip I will be half health, can't you make the script take the food you assigned and eat to full health and proceed?
  6. That really sucks man, sorry to hear that. Be sure that looking glass causes lots of cpu usage to run so be sure u got good hardware.
  7. That's unfortunate for you. I'll have you know I've been running looking glass and i botted over 50 hours on two accounts with 4 days i'm very close to get 99 soon. i haven't experienced one ban. I AlWAYS run looking glass for that lower ban. And i don't go to populated places i have my own secret place to train its absolutely great.
  8. I used this script at catherby and every single time i would use my food on the range, generally there are people cooking there to. The script would select the food on the player and use the food on the range. EVERY SINGLE TIME IT MAKES W TRIP IT CLICKS ON THE PLAYER, THAN THE RANGE.
  9. Question 1: were you running looking glass? Question 2: how many accounts were you running? Question 3: how long did you bot? Hours a day/week I agree tri should fucking read these comments from us and fix these. It's getting ridiculous, feels like I'm being heavily ripped off for buying a dicey instable script. It's not total mediocre but it needs some work.
  10. I remember i bought an auth for this script and it absolutely did not work.. Can I have a refund?
  11. And? what's you're point?
  12. I want to try this script out.. frig when is the day zainy is gonna update this script? just wandering..
  13. My list of bugs I've found for this script so far. 1: I enabled "attack spinners" yet sometimes I see the script attacking the portal even though spinners are present. 2:The script has a hard time maneuvering around when the creatures get in the way and sometimes it will click in the same spot on the mini map and you simply can't move. 3:Sometimes I saw that my character got stuck on the west side of the map and clicking over the mini map circle margin 4: Sometimes at the very end of the game, the script will try to left click attack monsters and I see the interface and options, standing by the boat. The script just stops working right there.. Could you please add a customizable mouse movement option in the gui? it can range from 100-130? This script needs to tweaked out Tri, please.
  14. Don't count on it.. Especially from this scripter. You're best bet is using a premium botting script. They get updated faster than free scripts and include more.
  15. there is still a possibility of getting banned no matter what you bot.. I recommend doing low hours and long breaks like 1-2 hours session and 40 minute breaks+