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  1. 4 bots collecting cowhides? This was never going to go far...
  2. I live near to Amsterdam and I go to college there aswell. You can find alot of activity at "leidse plein". There are alot of clubs there. But if you're looking for stripclubs etc, I'd suggest you visit the banana bar located at the Red Light District. Have fun!
  3. Request: - Flax spinner with mule supportDescription: - I want a flax spinner that works perfectly and an additional script to that, which is the muling script. The flax spinner script will have a textbox when running it where I can enter the name I want the spinners to trade their items to. The mule should log in every world (except f2p,pvp,skill total worlds) and accept trades. The flax spinners will only trade their bowstrings to the name entered in the chatbox when starting the script.Payment Amount: - Will be discussedTime: - Will be discussedAdditional: - add my Skype : "achtertuin1".
  4. Cmon bro, english isn't that hard... Sorry I just had to say it.
  5. Already well known
  6. Does this support 1 tick cooking for karambwans? Seen a few people do it, if not could you add it?
  7. world of the dead LMAO im done
  8. I know, was talking about the tutorial island + 10 crafting part.
  9. Hello guys, I'm currently looking for someone that can do the following things : -Complete tutorial island -Go to GE -Get 10 crafting This will ofcourse not be for one account. I will probably need this service for after next weekend (starting monday 21 march). The weekend of 19 march I will see how this works out for 20 accounts, so if that goes well, I'll probably buy around 100 accounts that you can create starting on monday 21 march. Price per account completed : -Negotiable- -I will provide the items needed for 10 crafting per account. Add my Skype if you think you're up for this : "achtertuin1". Payments will be in RSGP.
  10. Are you just lazy as hell or..?
  11. Try starting with a basic flax picker/miner+bank/fletching script. Those are good to learn from
  12. Always looking forward to this time
  13. If you're going to goldfarm, you will get banned.
  14. I'm in college for media development and my college recommended the Dell LATITUDE 3550. It's really good so far.