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  1. only right past the bridge. it doesnt go to the NW or NE parts to check @Encoded
  2. Great script, just having a problem ive noticed since ive bought the bot a month+ ago. At Shilo village it will not always cross the bridge north to fish in the other spots. it will simply run on the south part of the river back and fourth until a spot respawns. could you please fix this? It makes it seem like a major bot when it keep running east to west along the south when theres other fishing spots visibly available. thanks!! @Encoded
  3. @Aropupu Does this support blast mining?
  4. Hey, quick question do you have any plans on implementing blast mining? thanks!
  5. Yeah ngl @Aropupu you're a god! great script bro.
  6. interesting... thanks guys! for any of you that own the script just out of curiosity how much less xp/hr do you get with ABC2?
  7. have you used both? @Acidtripz
  8. Hey guys, just wondering which premo agility bot is the best? thanks.
  9. Does the bot also pick up marks from the floor?